Our foster babies

The day started normally, a slight disaster, Badger one of our dogs finally managed to jump up on to one of our sheds, how he did it we have no idea but that dog is like a flipping kangaroo and to be honest we knew it was only a matter of time before he got up there and yesterday morning was the day he succeeded. So there I am up a ladder trying to work out how we can make the shed taller without dismantling the roof and making it higher and without it looking like the remains of a building site! A car pulled up, I looked out and saw one of our Italian friends, I waved and let Clive deal with it, I was up a ladder I was not getting down :) Clive got to the gate and called me, that is when I saw our friends Tina and Richard, for them I will get down from the ladder, so off I go to try and open the gate, the problem is the key to the gate had been bent in half by some lovely person one night and that is the key I had on me, the other one was in the house! I eventually got the gate open and a pretty distraught Tina told me about what they had found. This place and its callous behaviour towards animals no longer shocks me I am sad to say, people just do not seem to care, puppies are ten a penny because of the ridiculous idea that ‘an animal should die as it was born, intact’people just do not seem to worry about it. Actually that is not a fair statement, there are many Italian people that do care but the sad fact is that there are as many that do not and are quite happy to turn a blind eye to it.

Anyway Tina and Richard had found some pups, a cardboard box was near the pups so they went to get it only to find yet another little pup soaking wet inside it. Tina went to the house that the pups were outside only to be told by the woman “yes I know they were there last night” What sort of person can see pups outside, dumped, and just ignore them!? Tina and Richard picked them up and eventually brought them here to us, not to leave but to see if we knew anyone that would want them, Clive phoned around and we had some interest, brilliant so we said to leave the pups with us until the people had been to look at the pups :)

Look at these little babies, could you leave them?



This is a photo on the first afternoon, all the pups were so timid, very sad. At one point the little black one managed to reduce the pair of us to tears! I was feeding the cats, Sammy ( yes I know we should not name them but we have!) made a beeline for the food. Cat food is bad for dogs so Clive went to pick him up and take him away from it, that little pup screamed, flipped straight onto his back into total submission, the look of fear in his eyes was just heartbreaking….what has little Sammy put up with in his little life :(

That afternoon, Guisseppe came over but the pups were not the right sort of pups, he wanted a white one with straight ears! Jeeeeez it’s a puppy, a puppy from the street will give just the same amount of love and loyalty as a certain ‘type’ of dog, but no he did not want one of the babies. Next was Damiano, nope they were too big, now Bear the one in the front of the photo has the stumpiest legs, that little boy is not going to be that big unless of course he has a sudden growth spurt.

Clive and I sat there and then thought of the lad across the road, he has one dog….maybe he wants a companion for him so off Clive went again. Now this lad is probably about 18 and he loves his dog. He decided he couldn’t take one but took photos to show his friends incase they want one. He was horrified that these little babies had been dumped, the words he used he probably thought I did not understand but no matter how poor your understanding of another language is…you always know the swear words :)

So Clive and I thought and thought about this, we knew Tina and Richard were coming in the morning to take the pups to the kennels if we could not find homes for them, we have 18 dogs, could we really keep these babies? All dogs/goats/chickens/ducks/cats fed and we were sat out when they arrived, after a while Tina said “so do you want us to take them to the Canile?” “NO” The pups are happy, they have room to run around in, they are being socialized with other dogs, cats, ducks, chickens and goats the only problem we can see at the moment is that our compound was made for goats and ducks it is not puppy proof so we will have to set about sorting the outside fence so the little beggars cannot get under it :)

More photos tomorrow :)

P1020662Bit blurry this one, sorry, at the moment we have called this little girl Belle, she is a sweetie, well they all are! The smallest of the four and a bit timid but she is slowly coming out of her shell and loves company.

P1020666 This little one is male, Clive calls him stumpy!! I call him Bear. His paws are quite big which is supposed to mean the dog will be large but look at those legs they are indeed stumpy! This little man has found a new furever home, we couldn’t be happier (although as is normal for me I did cry!) 

P1020675 A better photo of Belle:)

P1020676 The little black and white one Tina has named Fay. She is the bigger of the four pups.

Update Tina and Richard have taken little Fay home :) Tina loved Fay so it was always going to be :) And although Tina named her, Fay’s name is now Mollie or is it Molly! I get the blame for Richard calling her Moo moo though, which to be fair I have to accept because I did call her Molly Moo :)

P1020678This is Sammy, he was extremely timid the first day with us, to the point of screaming when you went to pick him up, but a couple of days on there is a vast improvement I am pleased to say :)

Puppies on their second full day here :)

P1020752 - CopyP1020756 - Copy P1020734 - Copy P1020740 - Copy P1020697 - Copy   P1020711 P1020713 - Copy



Belle and co P1020847 P1020848 P1020863 P1020866 P1020868 P1020874 P1020876 P1020881 P1020882 P1020883 P1020887 P1020888 P1020889